Secret 6 Game Dev and 2D Art Teams move to Tektite!

By March 8, 2015 Culture No Comments

The Game Dev and 2D teams get a new address.


Our established 3D team was started in late 2005, with the game development and 2D art teams starting in 2009. Just 6 years ago, these two teams were only 4 people that grew to 20 by 2012, working on mobile games and outsourced 2D work. We were comfy in our quaint studios located in Taipan Place in Ortigas Center.

Now 6 years and about 35 games released later, the game dev and 2D teams have grown and expanded to 65 people, establishing Producer, QA and Design teams along the way. We needed space that could accommodate our growing team and enhance our collaboration and creativity; a change of pace wouldn’t be so bad.

But fear not! The game development and 2D teams did not move far from the 3D team who, while still located in Taipan Place, have also grown in numbers (now about 25 people) gaining both manpower and the experience necessary to handle the bigger, more challenging projects. The two offices are just a short walk away.

Our game development and 2D teams are now happily located in the East Tower of the Philippine Stock Exchange or Tektite Tower in Ortigas Center. The move has given all teams a better atmosphere, more space, and a better environment for closer collaboration among and across teams.