Inktober 2016

By December 15, 2016 Art, Culture No Comments

#Inktober for the second year in a row



Last October the office participated in #Inktober2016, fulfilling an internet tradition that Secret6 joined last year. Here we showcase their awesome works!

The Inktober movement began online in 2009, created by an artist named Jake Parker. He began making one ink drawing every day for a month in order to develop his skills and nurture professional habits. Secret6 adopted Inktober, and will continue the practice not only as a fun annual activity but also to help develop personal growth, positive habits and consistency from anyone willing to take part.


This year, we have several artworks posted from various contributors, most in classic blank ink and others in full color. Participants mostly chose their own subject matter, revolving around human characters with their unique personalities and styles. The artists brought out the detailed expressions, gestures and clothes in ink; even the backgrounds and perspective… considering that there was no easy way to CTRL+Z!

A great thank you to everyone who participated! To those who pushed themselves to create, stepped out of their comfort zone (with traditional ink), and stepped up to the challenge and completed Inktober, congratulations on a job well done!

Join us next year as we do another round of Inktober!