Our Expertise and The Tech We Utilize


From thumbnail and concept to color studies and fully-rendered assets, we create high-quality artwork for outsourced games as well as in-house development needs.

Character Concept

Concepts are created with each character’s background and role in mind. Various processes from silhouettes and gestures up until the final details are handled with care.

Environment Concept

We start the process with research, then thumbnails, color studies and render to help further the look and feel of the worlds we create. These environment concepts pave the way for all other departments to visualize the final output.

UI Design

We create the user interface that follows the art direction of the game and observes user experience principles.

Game Assets

Creation of appealing game object particles that are up to spec and in close collaboration with developers and designers.


Our animation expertise include: Flash, Spine and Unity.

Concept Art


Awesome Games We’ve Worked On



Pocket Gems: Campus Life!

April 29, 2016


Pocket Gems: Secret Passages

April 29, 2016


Social Point

April 29, 2016



April 29, 2016