About Us


Secret 6 is a veteran game development studio based in San Francisco and the Philippines. We specialize in 3D art for AAA titles, 2D art, and full game production across all platforms.

For well over a decade, we have been partnering with highly recognized studios such as Naughty Dog, CD Projekt Red, Pocket Gems, and Other Ocean. We have been credited on many titles, including the last three Uncharted titles, The Last of Us, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generations, and multiple titles for Cartoon Network Asia. In addition to serving such great partners, we are also developing our very own, original, competitive First-Person Shooter title, Project Xandata.

Secret 6 prides itself on getting the job done accurately and on time. Our teams work hand-in-hand with clients, effectively meeting the crunch of a deadline while ensuring quality workmanship around the clock.

Our Leaders


We believe that our talents are our most important asset and we impart in them the values of honesty, faithfulness, and professionalism. This especially shines through in the leaders that head the company and teams.


Ronald Schaffner

Business Operations Director

Alexis Lewington

3D Art Director

Rogi Calalec

Technical Development Manager

Gene Gacho

2D Art Director

Ann Galit

Senior Producer

Justin Tec

Quality Assurance Manager

Ralph Quiambao

Game Design Manager

Regina “Xiao” Supapo


10th Anniversary! The company turned 10 years old on November.


The Studio of Secret 6 is now over 100 employees strong!


Secret 6, Inc. is founded in San Francisco, California.
The Manila studio establishes the 3D Art team in The Taipan Place, Ortigas.


Established the Game Development and 2D Art departments


We shipped our first iPhone game.


Established the Quality Assurance department.


The Tech Dev and 2D Art teams transfer to a new office space in the same building -- just a floor directly below the main office.


Established the Game Analysis & Design Department.


The Technical Development and 2D Art teams get a new address at Tektite Towers, a few minutes walk from the Taipan office.


Your Arsenal in Game Development


We are committed in playing our part in delivering key assets and experiences that bring games to life. Our agile design and development process get the job done. The secret behind our production is creative and passionate minds who work their magic right here in Manila. Meet the teams that make it all happen.


3D Artists


Generalists. Hardcore. Creative.

“Sculpting life and building worlds polygon by polygon.”

Creating visually stunning assets for games that take you somewhere greater.

2D Artists


Passionate. Versatile. Dynamic.

“Ready for export.”

Ours is the culture of sharing: from food, dog memes, art tips; to life stories, advice and experiences. Sharing helps us develop into grounded, and well-rounded artists–figuratively and literally!

Tech Developers


Pull. Commit. Push.

“We turn 1’s and 0’s into electronic entertainment.”

Passionate problem solvers in a tight community of knowledge-sharing, dedicated to the pursuit of being the best in the craft.

QA/UX Analysts


Observant. Thorough. Innovative.

“No bug too hidden, no glitch too obscure.”

We are a team that burns with unending fervor in ensuring that the product stands at the apex of excellence.

Game Designers


Thinkers. Tinkerers. Mystery-solvers.

“With frog-like intuition and shark-like drive.”

Paramount to our goal of creating engaging experiences and innovative designs, we engage in diverse activities to widen our perspectives.

Production Team


Organized. Level-headed. Perceptive.

“We live for when things don’t go as planned.”

Bridging the gap between clients and production.