An Update on Project Xandata

An Update on Project Xandata

On Project Xandata’s release

Hello everyone,

Since we first announced Project Xandata, many have asked about its ever-elusive release date. After going into production last year, we put out an initial target to launch the game in the second half of 2018.

Following successful showings in March at Game Connection in San Francisco and at PGF, we had an in-depth evaluation of the the game, taking into consideration all of the feedback we had gathered from our previous events and beta sessions. From this, the team concluded that Project Xandata would not be ready to release this year.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver a game with a satisfying gaming experience, supported by quality content and an engaging ecosystem. To achieve this, we need more time to implement our new production and post-launch strategies.

Game development is full of unique challenges, and through the years we have always made a commitment to embrace and overcome such. While this was not an easy decision to make, we feel it is critical to release Project Xandata as our best work in order to make it a success.

We are just as excited as we are anxious for you to play our game. For now, we cannot say exactly when the launch will be, but when we get there, we’ll definitely tell you about it. Thank you for your continued support and trust in Secret 6 and Project Xandata.

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