PGF 2018 – Sennheiser Sponsorship

PGF 2018 – Sennheiser Sponsorship

Competitive play meets immersive audio


Project Xandata is coming to this year’s PGF Summer Assembly with the latest version of the award-winning online competitive first person shooter, and what better way to experience a competitive game than with an equally competitive gaming headset.

Sponsored by Sennheiser, the GSP 350 PC Gaming Surround Sound Headset features an ultra-immersive audio experience along with the high-end acoustic technology that Sennheiser is well-known for. Keep communications clear with the built-in, high-quality noise-cancelling microphone to minimize background noise while keeping your voice crisp for your team.

Find out more about Sennheiser through their Facebook page and website, and keep yourself updated with Project Xandata through our official Facebook page and website.

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