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Project Xandata is a skill-based competitive, first-person shooter by veteran Filipino developers, Secret 6. Engage in your chosen play style with an expansive customization system in a world that blends sci-fi, fantasy, and Philippine mythology.


Project Xandata started off as a personal project by Gene Gacho, Technical Development Manager at Secret 6. With a lot of hard work and support from Secret 6, it later became a company IP to be developed as a full game!

April - November 2015 - Project Xandata started out as Gene's personal project

Inspiration struck to build a shooter in the same vein as Halo/Destiny blended with weapon mechanics of Counter-Strike: GO but with the character and ability customization depth from Guild Wars 2. With too many realistic shooters, not to mention 4x the work it entails, the key influence for the visuals was Mega Man Zero. Lore was decided to be sci-fi with mild Filipino Mythology undertones to add more distinction. Gene worked on the game about 2hrs a day after work plus many hours over the weekend. Occasionally showcasing the game’s progress in Secret 6 was integral to its progress.

January 2016 - Transition from personal project to a Secret 6 production project

Gene successfully pitched to Secret 6 President, Ron Schaffner, the idea of making his personal project into a company production project. Gene continued to work solo on the project while waiting for manpower to help out!

March 2016 - Mike Mika tries it out and game focuses on Multiplayer

Mike Mika of Other Ocean Interactive said MMORPG and eSports would be the focus of gaming in the coming years. Gene then decided to focus the project on multiplayer only and not do any campaign-related features yet.

May 2016 - Interns with incredible talent

A team of talented interns was formed to do dev and art work. These awesome talents have now officially levelled up as Secret 6 employees!

August 2016 - confirmed public announcement date and event

Secret 6 makes it official to join ESGS, which was to be held in October of 2016! It was also decided to showcase Project XD (before it became Project Xandata it was called XD, commonly mistaken for the smiley) to be announced to the public through an alpha playtest. Along with the team of interns, other Secret 6 developers shared their spare time to support Project XD. The road to the first ever public alpha started!

October 2016 - public announcement in the E-Sports and Gaming Summit 2016

After long meetings, the team finalized the title of the game to Project Xandata! It was then successfully announced and showcased at ESGS 2016 alongside another Secret 6 IP, a mobile game titled "Panty Thief". We received tremendous positive feedback during the event.

November 2016 - Post-ESGS, a whole lot of planning

The team huddled to plan features targeted for PGF 2017 (April) and ESGS 2017 (October), and closed beta. Development, art, and design were fully allocated to the project.

April 2017 - Pinoy Gaming Festival 2017

Project Xandata makes its debut on the main stage of a major e-sports event in the country, which was casted and streamed, by none other than Mineski TV team. A successful tournament and virtually non-stop free-play sessions boosted the Project Xandata community beyond our expectations!

To be continued

The road to beta continues...


  • Armor classes open paths to match your playstyle. Step into the battlefield locked and loaded as a Marksman. Become the fear that creeps in the dark as an Agent. Try taking the field in a grand show of force as a Juggernaut. Your choice, your rules.
  • A substantial arsenal lies ready at your fingertips. Dominate your enemies in a myriad of ways! Get up close and personal with the Doomstick VI Shotgun or the Battlestar. Take slow and steady long-range shots using a GWP Sniper Rifle or a Maharlika Diamond DMR. Strategically blow things up with Rocket Launchers like The Big D or The Conqueror.
  • Equip G-Mats to give yourself elemental abilities and advantages in the battlefield. Swap them out to achieve objectives differently, and work your way up past your competition. Deliver a pinpoint lightning bolt strike with the Malandoq Spear. Activate a Stormchaser to blast enemies up to the air. Smash an unsuspecting face in with a Blink Strike. Enemy getting away? Stop them with a ColdSnap grenade. The combinations lie entirely up to you!
  • Gear up, Team up! Carve your way through different game modes. Exhibit your skill in taking down enemies in Team Deathmatch. Become the very definition of Team Tactics and Efficiency in Control Point. Glory awaits those who challenge these modes and more!


Project Xandata PGF Trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "As it is, Project Xandata is showing tons of promise and could very well be the Pinoy breakthrough into the world market for shooting games."
    - Contributor, Reimaru Files
  • "The Philippines Has An Esports Shooter Up Its Sleeve This October"
    - Jonathan Toyad, Spout 360
  • "Its game play allowed customizability with a load out mechanic allowing players to switch out guns, special abilities, class types, to name a few. Each brought a different mechanic to the game and opened the game to various playstyles."
    - Ram Ronquillo, GG Network
  • "If you loved Quake, then you’re probably going to like Xandata..."
    - Don Kevin Hapal, Rappler
  • "...a role-based shooter (Overwatch/Paladins) combined with the speed and mobility of Call of Duty."
    - dreamslayer28, Play on WASD
  • "One of its greatest strengths is the deep level of customization it offers players."
    - Michael Logarta, GMA News Online

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About Secret 6, Inc.

Secret 6 is a veteran game development studio based in San Francisco and the Philippines. We specialize in 3D art for AAA titles, 2D art, and full game production across all platforms. For well over a decade, we have been partnering with highly recognized studios such as Naughty Dog, CD Projekt Red, Pocket Gems, and Other Ocean. We have been credited on many titles, including the last three Uncharted titles, The Last of Us, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generations, and multiple titles for Cartoon Network Asia. In addition to serving such great partners, we are also developing our very own, original, competitive First-Person Shooter title, Project Xandata. Secret 6 prides itself on getting the job done accurately and on time. Our teams work hand-in-hand with clients, effectively meeting the crunch of a deadline while ensuring quality workmanship around the clock.

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Project Xandata Credits

Gene Gacho
Original Concept and Lead Developer

Justin Tec, Dino de Guzman, Jozette Artugue

Daryll Espanola, Luigi Bairan, Bien Cabungcal, Jopet Agcaoili

Jemuel Bernaldez
Art Lead

John Michael Carreon, Jemuel Bernaldez, Joshua Bermudez, Gerald Recidoro, Jerick Galanga, Dana Co, Alyssa Acedillo
Character Concept Artists

Ryan Michael Atendido, Rafael de Guzman, Michael Bautista, Jeremy Plana, Joshua Bermudez, Jonas Peralta, Dino De Guzman
Weapon and Prop Concept Artists

Kevin Miranda, Gerald Recidoro, Michael Bautista, Joshua Bermudez
Environment Concept Artist

Jory Aquino
Technical Artists

Jory Aquino, Mark Rodriguez, Paul Dave Malla, Charles Gerodias, Adrian Roi Adorio, Bernadette Lirio, Argyl Leones, Isaiah Fernandez, Ferdinand Corrales, Rouienald Macabitas, Julie Almoneda, Benjamin Kavoosi, John Lyndon Claro, Ferdinand Corrales
3D Artists

John Lyndon Claro, Ferdinand Corrales, Rion Sigaya, Julie Almoneda

Rai Villanueva, Jillian Young, Dana Co, Yela Gatchalian, Racehl Montelibano, Martin agleron
UI and Graphic Designers

Gene Gacho, Kline Talladen, Ronnel Infante
Game Designers

Ralph Quiambao, Abraham Jimenez, Richard Arceo, Brian Alvic Cruz
Quality Assurance

Miguel Libo-on, Nichole Ronas
Sound Designer


Ronald Schaffner

Alexis Lewington
Business Operations Director

Justin Tec
Senior Producer

Gene Gacho
Technical Development Manager

Rogi Calalec
3D Creative Manager

Ann Galit
2D Creative Manager

Regina "Xiao" Supapo
Game Design Manager

Ralph Quiambao
QA and Internal Operations Manager


Mike Mika


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