Project Xandata at ESGS 2017

Project Xandata at ESGS 2017

Highlights of Project Xandata at this year’s ESGS

Free play, freebies and the future (closed Beta)

Last October 27-29, we were able to showcase months of hard work in the form of Project Xandata. Featuring the new Juggernaut class, maps, weapons and game modes, it was a weekend of slick, fast-paced, competitive fun and games. Here’s what went down:
Throughout the weekend, we opened the booth for free play sessions to all of the ESGS participants, and the turn-out was massive. We enjoyed a constant stream of players during the weekend, and the only regretful thing was that we didn’t have time to let more players experience the game. A few lucky players also went home with Project Xandata gear, from the poster to the official shirt.
Lest we forget, we also freely distributed closed beta keys throughout the event. You’ll all be able to use those very soon, so hold on to those keys!



Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to our CO-AX Tournament, where we debuted all-new game modes and saw both new and returning teams battle it out for the 20,000-Peso prize pool. While newcomers Team AVR settled for a third-place finish, the finals became grounds for a rematch between veteran teams WeDontKnowAnything and Emotwo since their meeting at the PGF Summer Assembly. Some close rounds were had, but in the end, Emotwo posted a back-to-back championship run by beating WeDontKnowAnything in straight sets. Congratulations to all of our participating teams!
Huge props also go to our shoutcasters, Adrian ‘BKPrime’ Amante and John ‘PandaUser’ Cruz, for covering our semi-finals and main stage matches.


Heavy Ordinance Incoming

We were treated to a showcase match between third-place finishers AVR and our very own dev team in what has almost become a tradition for Project Xandata events. Team AVR put up a good fight, but ultimately, the dev team came out on top.
We were also graced with the presence of casters and pros from the ROG MastersVIPs from, who took a shot at trying to beat our developers in another exhibition match. Our thanks goes out to them for stopping by and even featuring us in their ESGS video; check it out on Facebook!

Thank you!

A huge shout-out to our various friends and sponsors for making our biggest Project Xandata showcase yet a reality! Thank you to MSI for providing nothing but their best gaming notebook, Plantronics for the high-quality RIG Commander headsets, PCWorx for the mousepads and to Training Grounds for the gaming chairs. Your support and generosity helped us provide the ultimate gaming experience!
It also goes without saying that none of this would be possible without all of the participants and their overwhelming support for Project Xandata! From joining the free play sessions, raffles and online promotions, to showing boundless enthusiasm before, during and after our ESGS showing, the Project Xandata team extends its sincerest gratitude to YOU, our amazing players!
For now, it’s back to more development for us as we add even more features and improvements to the game, and then we will see you again in Closed Beta. See you again soon, Xandats.

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