We create a variety of visuals and game assets at any point of production. Our concepts and art direction guide the visual development in a game’s early stages, and we execute on UI, animation, and in-game assets aligned to the game’s design and art direction.

Concept Art and In-Game Graphic Designs

Our graphic designers and concept artists have all the insight and imagination to turn client’s ideas into interactive reality.

Character and Environment Concepts

Starting with research, then thumbnails, color studies, and rendering, we fully flesh out the people and places that make games unforgettable.

  • Internal R&D - Environment/Scene Concept
  • Project Xandata - Environment Concept
  • Project Xandata - Environment Concept - Site Agalon
  • Internal R&D - Character Concept - Philippine Bayawak
  • Internal R&D - Character Concept - Philippine Mythical Creature
  • Internal R&D - Character Concept - Philippine Mythical Creature

Game and User Interface Art

We create in-game assets that are aesthetically appealing, technically optimized, and aligned with the game’s design and theme. Collaborating with developers and designers, we craft game and UI elements to be up to spec and provide the best user experience.


We’ve developed thousands of assets in various styles. Here’s a glimpse of some of our work from Episodes, Secret Passages, and Campus Life by Pocket Gems; Bingo Pop by Jam City Toronto; and some user interface art for Balay Kawayan.

2D Game Animation

We bring games and visuals to life through a variety of in-game animation and motion graphics. Our tool expertise includes Flash, Spine, After Effects, and Unity. Below are some characters from Social Point’s Dragon City that we brought to life through complex creature animation with visual effects using Flash.

Featured Projects

  • Pocket Gems Episodes
  • Steven Universe
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generations
  • The Dairy Scoop

Other Games We’ve Worked On

Let’s take your game to the next level!

We’re excited to hear about your upcoming project! Our teams are raring to collaborate on world building, conceptualizing characters and environments, and crafting gameplay and systems with you.