A Vibrant New Look

A Vibrant New Look

Unveiling the S6 Official New Logo

Four Uncharted releases, thousands of 2D art assets, a diverse and strong game development portfolio ranging from mobile, PC, VR, and unique devices, Secret 6 has come a long way from starting as a small 3D art team back in 2005 to becoming the full-game development studio it is now. With over 150 employees, the past couple of years have been very significant to us as we matured as a company, expanded our operations, and started development of our flagship title, Project Xandata. As our competencies and culture evolved through time, so should our brand.

To represent our culture embodied by our core values of passion, teamwork, integrity and entrepreneurship, we made the new logo vibrant. Likewise, our competency is represented by the sleek, clean, and solid execution of the logo and brand elements.

Our primary brand color is what we call S6 Blue. Its brightness reinforces the balance of our youthfulness and professionalism. The adaptive and battle-hardened team is reflected in the logo’s bold, creative, and modern form.

For the 2018 theme, we explore color, minimalism, and subtlety with a play on distinct symbols and thematic elements. The three symbols in some of our visuals represent the three core divisions that define our body of work, namely, 3D art, 2D art, and Game Development. Cubic and iconized but still solid and bold in form, these symbols visually contrast the logo as well.

Our selection of typefaces is based on versatility and having a friendly feel. Montserrat ExtraBold is used to exude approachability, while Exo Regular contrasts Montserrat with a more formal look. These two fonts complement each other allowing us to speak in a variety of tones.

These changes have started to reflect some of our materials in the last few months. Expect to see more of the new look as we gradually transition in applying it in all our materials, including the site you are viewing right now. We are excited to move forward and grow the brand in the years to come.
You can check the Secret 6 Facebook and Twitter pages to see the new look in action.

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