Academe in April

Academe in April

An eventful April going around several campuses

After a big and busy March for Project Xandata, Secret 6 welcomed April with visits to the schools in in and out of the metro to engage with the students.


Up close and personal, Hillary Datoc (Technical Developer), Ando de Castro (Technical Lead), and Regina  Xiao  Supapo (Game Design Manager and Marketing Head), shared the ups and downs of life as a Game Developer, along with their own beginnings and inspirations, in DZUP’s Itanong Kay Engineer university-wide radio segment. It was also exciting to share about our experience and thoughts working on Project Xandata in relation to the awards it recently received in the Southeast Asian Game Awards 2018 in Level Up KL and in GameCon America 2018.


Xiao Supapo, Ando de Castro and Hillary Datoc at UP Diliman Itanong Mo Kay Engineer radio show

Ralph Quiambao in the FEU GameCon talking about the skills he learned as a gamer, applied to game development


Connecting with the eSports enthusiasts of FEU Tech in GameCon 2018, our Internal Operations and Quality Assurance and User Experience Manager, Ralph Quiambao, shared how the skills he acquired as a fellow hardcore gamer continues to help him grow in his profession.


On to the more technical side, Technical Lead, Richard Locsin, guided Ateneo’s event participants in making their own game using Unity and Node JS through a hands-on workshop in Compsat’s Initialize: I.T. Conference 2018. Together, the participants tinkered and explored, discovering the work that comes into every feature even on a small game.


Technical Lead Richard Locsin facilitating a hands-on game development workshop for Ateneo Compsat

Project Xandata Lead Programmer Bien Cabungcal in the UP Los Banos Alliance of Gamers


Meanwhile in UP Los Banos, the Alliance of Gamers learned about another facet of game development with the help of Bien Cabungcal, technical lead of Project Xandata in the Game Development Talk held last April 16. He shared the rationale behind art and design decisions made for the character designs of Secret 6’s upcoming original eSports title, enabling the students to appreciate the insights and thought processes resulting to the game’s sleek visuals.


Truly, there is rapid growth in Philippine Game Development as it becomes more relevant and visible in the international landscape. The local scene has world-class Filipino talent working on well-renowned studios abroad, and winning awards for original games, and participating in international conferences. Powered by a passion for games or for making games, we are proud to share that opportunities are expansive for every student, technical, creative, or a mix of both.


Internal Operations Manager Ralph Quiambao and HR Manager Aleeza Cantago sharing the wide variety of opportunities available in Game Development in the APC Job Fair and FEU Alliance of Gamers GameCon event.


Secret 6 is most grateful for the opportunities to engage with the academic community to share our stories and expertise. Learning about the many programs being offered and partnership opportunities available to enhance the field, these are exciting times, indeed. Academe-industry partnerships are truly invaluable to the growth of game development, and we are looking forward to bigger and bolder things to come!


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