• Producing high-quality, anatomically feasible, photo-real or stylized CG character models in line with a brief and/or reference material
  • Interpret abstract ideas or concept art into the creation of compelling photo-real or stylized character
  • Presenting work in a turntable-style environment with acceptable lighting for progress reviews and approval (including scale reference)
  • Ensuring consistency of UV mapping and polygonal subdivisions
  • Researching reference materials for aesthetics and genre of game, film, or animation


  • Has at least 5 to 10 years of experience, Minimum 3 years of working in a studio
  • Experience in digital sculpting, modeling, UV mapping, and Texturing
  • Excellent understanding of shading, lighting, structure, texturing, and silhouette
  • Knowledge of anatomy - proportions, muscle, and skeletal structures
  • Ability to work from reference materials such as photography or concept art