• Maintain familiarity with the assigned project’s design
  • Study and learn any technology required as prerequisites for the assigned project
  • Architect code, tools, and any other solutions to bring the project from design to reality
  • Write technical documentation according to company standards
  • Maintain collaborative relations with Design, Art, Audio, QA and any other Game Development discipline teams.


  • Fast learner and able to adapt to different coding environments
  • Excellent grasp of different programming paradigms for games
  • Embraces the gaming culture and is aware of current industry trends
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate technical information both written and verbal
  • Strong understanding of API design, serverless computing
  • Strong debugging skills
  • Practical experience in Bash and/or Shell Scripting
  • Familiar with data-modeling and DBMS development practices

Bonus Points:

  • Practical experience in Javascript
  • Familiar with containerization & orchestration
  • Familiar with the use of Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Familiar with CI/CD and Unit Testing