• Plan, create, execute, and lead game designs from pitch to release candidate, for PC, mobile, and console platforms, and a variety of genres
  • Collaborate with producers, directors, fellow designers, and clients to define, refine, and execute design direction, game vision, pillars, core loops, and player experience
  • Oversee the team’s design output to set and maintain output and performance quality, game design best practices, pipelines, tools, and processes
  • Organize and pioneer game design pipelines, sharing new tools, methods, and technologies
  • Supervise and mentor junior designers in projects (during client calls, processes, proposals, etc.) and review their submissions
  • Support management and seniors in advocating the department’s goals and initiatives and assist in the implementation of company policies
  • Actively support recruitment efforts and onboarding of low-level designers to the department and projects


  • A passion for games and making games
  • Has designed a range of genres, and for a variety of game platforms ranging from mobile PC
  • 3 years of experience in the industry as a game designer
  • Shipped at least 3 titles for various genres and varying business models
  • Strong command of English and effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Has excellent interpersonal skills and is a highly organized clear thinker
  • Knowledgeable in various gaming platforms, trends, and game production developments
  • Proficient in presentation-making, wireframing, and graphics tools such as Photoshop or Figma
  • Experience in the basic use of game engines (either Unity, or Unreal), maneuvering tools, and/or whiteboxing