We worked on:

“We are grateful to have awesome partners we can count on.”

- Erick Pangilinan, Art Director, Naughty Dog

We feel highly privileged that Naughty Dog’s Art Director, Erick Pangilinan, continues to place trust in our team whilst he pushes artistic boundaries of the highly acclaimed Naughty Dog title portfolio with his meticulous passion for excellence. While at times this has felt like a tremendous amount of responsibility on our artists, through this experience they learn specific techniques, expand their knowledge and skills, and ultimately benefit and thrive from the unique opportunities presented through this long-standing partnership.

Our collaborations with Naughty Dog have spanned across many of their best-selling PlayStation exclusives, beginning with treasures in Uncharted 3, to the cut scenes in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End. On the award-winning The Last of Us Part II, we were given the biggest assignment to date which was to create more than 2000 complex organic and hard surface environmental props through the game. We were also given an opportunity to expand our role within the game’s art production.

Organic and hard surface environmental prop examples for The Last of Us Part II

After the release of Uncharted 4 Erick approached us and asked if we would be willing to explore a new area of game art. He wanted to make the world of The Last of Us Part II feel more lived-in by adding a larger number of believable graphics to it. He voiced his frustration that graphics were always thrown in at the last minute of a game's production and there was not enough time to flesh out their authenticity.

To meet this challenge, we had to hire a dedicated team of illustrators, concept artists, and graphic artists to create unique-looking logos for a museum, gas station, hospital, school, hotel, and restaurants, along with a plethora of ads, posters, and product branding for numerous interior environments. These included amongst others: abandoned homes, offices, shopping malls, cafes, music and bookstores, a tattoo parlor and a vet’s practice. The team had a lot of fun designing the theatre’s bygone movie releases, creating book covers and Joel’s record cover collection. They even had the opportunity to immortalize themselves, their pets and family members in a subway train station wall mural!

Logo, branding, and poster examples for interior environments for The Last of Us Part II

Our latest collaboration to date involved us contributing to making the classic The Last of Us visually more impressive for the PlayStation 5 remake, matching the 3D environmental models and textures of the original to the fidelity of the sequel along with giving the graphics a resolution boost.

We look forward to continuing our trusted partnership with Erick and Naughty Dog on future award-winning titles.