Catch Panty Thief Now!

Catch Panty Thief Now!

Time to grab them undies! Panty Thief is out now!

We have just released our second original mobile game, Panty Thief! The game was an output of an internal game jam. Shortly after, it was released on the Secret 6 page and Kongregate. Due to the zany nature, lovable protagonist and residents of the game, it cannot be helped that it won over the interest of the company. It was decided that it should be made available for mobile!
And after months of schedule bending, animating, and development, you can now play as Boggart, Panty Thief Extraordinaire, as he leaps from window to window, stealing panties! Avoid getting caught by the building residents and keep your eyes peeled! Some panties grant Bogart special abilities, while those frilly Granny Panties may just save your life.


  • Fast-paced pick-up-and-play game accompanied with our own lively audio!
  • Challenging levels of panty thieving for your quick mind and reflexes!
  • Unique and zany characters to foil your every high score!
  • Feel the sheer power of Panty Power Ups!
  • Possibly the only game to have powerful underwear!

Available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
Head on over to the Panty Thief webpage and the Panty Thief Facebook Page for updates!

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