ESGS 2018 ft. Project Xandata

ESGS 2018 ft. Project Xandata

Another memorable ESGS!

Last October 26-28, we joined the Esports and Gaming Summit (ESGS), one of Southeast Asia’s biggest esports and gaming conventions. This has been our third time exhibiting in ESGS, and indeed, the event gets bigger every year. We were thrilled by the support of everyone who went to the SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia, Pasay, and dropped by the booth to play Project Xandata‘some even more than once!




This year, we premiered the Prestige Pass activity where players could win three exclusive Project Xandata prizes. Up for grabs were popsockets, lanyards, and t-shirts for players who completed their in-game tasks. Players both old and new braved the lines to get competitive and earn their prizes. A big congratulations to all the Xandats who finished all 6 levels of their passes’they would have completed no less than 6 games!


We also partnered with MSI to bring you more giveaways through MSI hour and Pick-a-Prize’Dragon Lucky, MSI’s mascot, was a crowd favorite! Another virtual round of applause goes to the winners during MSI Hour who had a chance to snag even more MSI goods.




Apart from the activities, the main event in the booth was, of course, the game itself.’Project Xandata‘s ESGS 2018 build included new skills, weapons and the introduction of Weapon Perks, along with a host of user-experience improvements and game balancing. Returning players with keen eyes were quick to take notice of these changes. The team also made sure to address the game’s audio experience, made even better with the Sennheiser GSP 350s, sponsored by Sennheiser! The players impressed the crowd’even the developers themselves’with their Project Xandata skills. Notable plays, intense matches’including one with a 21-kill streak’were not to be missed thanks to casting/commentary by Nicco and Red.



The booth experience was made even more enjoyable by the snacks provided by our sponsor, Leslie’s: the timeless favorite, Clover chips and the new Cheezy-o’s! With all these happenings, everyone loves a good snack!



We had the privilege of showcasing Project Xandata on stage for bit of time on the second day and the audience got a glimpse of the updated build through a showmatch between teams ANBU and Overush.MMK. Team ANBU is full of enthusiastic and innovative players enjoying a diversity of both casual and competitive games, represented by James Tabernilla, Angelo Cabrera, Justin Limbo, Jerome Paras, and John Paul Lienaresas. Overush.MMK is a group of like-minded high-tier Overwatch players all coming from the OverRush PH Community who have competed and won multiple local and regional tournaments, composed of Dathan “Daks” Rosales, Ericsson”DodgeThiss” Marquez, Yuwki “Fascinate” Tanaka, Matthew “Mattjavelin” Villaflor, and Axel” Rebirth” Lusuan.



It was interesting to see how the match would play out considering the different play styles and backgrounds of our players. We have our stage shoutcasters, Nomad and Sh1n Boo, to thank for engaging us through the sneak peek exhibition match.




After another memorable ESGS with you guys, we would like to express our wholehearted thanks to everyone for your continued support for Project Xandata.


We are actively working on the refinements, features, and content in order to get the game to you. As we unveil more in the coming months, keep the hype train running and watch’Behind the Xandata‘a behind-the-scenes documentary. In the video, hear it from the developers themselves on the thought process behind the game and things to expect from Project Xandata.

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