Hello, 2018!

Hello, 2018!

Rewarding excellence and pursuing continuous growth to start the year right

In the middle of January our company’s president, Ron Schaffner, was in town, and on January 17 the company held its all-hands meeting to kick off the new year!


Prior to the night’s festivities, various awards were given out at the office throughout the day to commemorate all manner of talent and contribution at Secret 6. Everything from loyalty, integrity, entrepreneurship, teamwork and many others were recognized, and all of the awardees received certificates and tokens. Congratulations to all of the awardees!


The event proper would then be held at Brotzeit for the second year in a row, a place Ron considers his home away from home.


Concerning the decision to have it at the same venue, Ron tell us, German food is comfort food for me, as my parents originate from Germany. I often eat at Brotzeit during my visits to Manila, whether alone, with friends, or with clients. So when picking a place to celebrate with my Secret 6 family, I wanted to choose a place that is special to me. On top of all that, the Brotzeit staff has always been great. It was, however, a fuller house this year thanks to the large pool of talent that has since joined the family.

‘However, the space is limited, so as we grow, we might not fit there anymore!’


Ending 2017 on a high note


The event proper was mostly open time, so all of the employees could take a break and enjoy good food, better drinks and excellent company. A running recap of the events of 2017 played throughout the night.
‘For GameDev, it was a transition from the high-pressure projects of 2016 to a more relaxed, but still very focused year of external projects plus our own IP, Project Xandata.’ Indeed, Project Xandata gained some much-needed exposure last year, participating in events in almost every quarter of 2017, both locally and internationally.

For 2D, it was a continuation of steady workflows, adding new clients and expanding our roles with current clients. It also provided for multiple members to visit clients in the US. For 3D, we had incredible success with new clients, winning art tests, that will make 2018 its greatest year ever.”

2017 also saw the expansion of the company’s QA-UX department into Aphondo, an interdependent partner focused on providing more focused QA outsourcing services. With this, the move to a unified space earlier in the year was short-lived, but it is a welcome sign of Secret 6’s (and now also Aphondo’s!) continuous growth.

What’s in store?

Beyond the food, drinks and company, we started 2018 on a winning note in the form of a company-wide raffle, for which our president hand-picked the overwhelming selection of prizes. Congratulations to the winners!

As to what 2018 has in store for Secret 6, Ron anticipates the ever-constant growth of the company as an art outsourcing and full game development provider. Some AAA titles will be released, with our 3D team in the credits. That’s as much as we can share at this point, but definitely watch out for that!

Without forgetting the path that Project Xandata has paved for our original content, [It] will also give us new experiences…We will create a marketing group in 2018, which will be focused on supporting [PXD’s] launch. As [it] launches, our work will also be proof that we can work on such bigger projects for clients, and should provide us with new development opportunities.

It’s going to be another exciting year ahead, and it begins now.

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