Let’s Get Ready to King Pong!

Let’s Get Ready to King Pong!

Secret6 holds its first ever table tennis tournament.

In order to celebrate and promote proper work-life balance within the company, The Studio of Secret 6 held its very first internal Table Tennis Tournament over the past three weeks.

What was first thought to be a small tournament, quickly grew in size as the number of registered participants ballooned to a total of 44 persons across every department classified into three tiers of skill level: Beginner, Amateur, and Expert.

To further the excitement, a section of our wall was dedicated to portraying the match-ups.

And as the tournament moved forward, we still did not forget all who were defeated in process. They were commemorated as ‘The Fallen’



Matches were held primarily during lunch to give time for each competitor’s fans to cheer for them. But the participation did not end there! Several people opted to practice even after work hours, forging a friendship between people from different departments. Even competitors were helping each other out by coaching each other and sharing tips for their upcoming matches!


With dozens of epic serves, amazing returns, and exciting smashes, the tournament eventually drew to a close and the victors were crowned as the Kings of the King Pong Tournament!

With an iron paddle, and a friendly heart they shall rule over the Table Tennis kingdom until the next King Pong Tournament!


Congratulations to the winners!!



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