Naughty Dog in the house

Naughty Dog in the house

The creators of Uncharted and The Last of Us came to visit.

It’s always an enjoyable experience when our clients drop in to see us here at The Studio of Secret6.
Just recently, some creative and technical visionaries from Naughty Dog were in Manila to show their support to the team and meet with our management.


This visit generated much enthusiasm and we were honored to spend time with them.
A huge thank you to Art Director Erick Pangilinan, Environmental Artist Mark Pajarillo, and Environmental Lead Christian Nakata for a productive visit. It was great to have Naughty Dog visit us once again, as we continue to grow in producing higher quality assets for current generation consoles games.


In the meantime, we, like any other Naughty Dog fan, are eagerly waiting for May 10!

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