Secret 6 partners with Voxel School

Secret 6's first international academic partnership

As one of the pioneering game studios in the Philippines, Secret 6 has accumulated more than a decade of game development and art production experience. Through those years, the company has partnered with highly recognized studios from North America, Europe, and Asia, including Naughty Dog, CD Projekt Red, Pocket Gems, Cartoon Network Asia, and Other Ocean. The international client-base contributed to the opportunities and growth of the studio, proving how global game development has been over the past decade.

This year, Secret 6 began exploring a partnership with Voxel School, an advanced school focusing on digital arts for video games in Madrid, Spain. Voxel is also a PlayStation’ Talents partner, which is a GLOBAL INITIATIVE created by Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain that brings together all of the company’s initiatives from the past decade to develop talent and local content for worldwide distribution.

Secret 6 recognizes the importance of academic partnerships in the growth of the game industry. Through the years, Secret 6 established several academic partnerships in the Philippines. Now, Secret 6 is expanding its educational partnerships into Madrid, Spain, by opening a game art lab at Voxel School. The partnership will provide recent graduates with production training to further equip them with industry-relevant skills, while also providing current production methodologies to Voxel School’s instructors.

The game art lab is scheduled to open on October 15, which will be overseen by Voxel instructors, as well as experienced artists from Spain and Secret 6. This marks Secret 6’s first international academic partnership, setting the foundation for possibly more in the future.

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