Secret 6 at 15 Secret 6
turns 15 years old
15 years flew by.
When we started in 2005, we were blown away by the graphics on the PS3 and in just a few years after, the capabilities of the iPhone for games!
Join us as we reflect in how we evolved with the trends and times.

15 Fruitful Years
For the past fifteen years, Secret 6 has evolved into a recognized name in game art outsourcing and video game design and development.

Expanding with our Madrid Studio and our Quality Assurance Services subsidiary, Aphondo, we’ve grown both with and into our field, adapting to project needs and industry trends.

After fifteen years, our cover’s completely blown, and our passion for game development is no longer asecret.
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Secret 6 turns 15 15 years feels like 30 in game development years!

We hit this milestone in a midst of a pandemic that put the world on lockdown and distress. In spite of this, we are resilient and continue to look and move forward as a society. 2020 has prompted us to reflect on the challenges we’ve overcome as well as our triumphs and experiences that made us the Secret 6 we are today.

We will be updating this page through the rest of 2020 to share our musings, lessons learned, and some new things we haven’t talked about before in the past 15 years of our game development journey.

Divided but United:
Secret 6 Celebrates 15 Years
in the New Normal
2020 has been crazy but we thrived because of what we've built in the past 15 years and because of everyone who's here right now. Through Divided But United, our teams worked hard to help us keep our sense of community despite the distance. In a way, it's a culmination of our adaptability Instead of crisis, agility. Instead of inconvenience, resourcefulness and creativity. And our light that continues to shine despite all this darkness. Read More
Building on Experience, Part 2: Project Xandata as a Platform for Breakthroughs

Building on Experience Part 2: Project Xandata as a Platform for Breakthroughs


In our last post, we shared about how our projects and experience in outsourcing over the past 15 years have helped us grow in terms of skills, processes, and perspective. Here we share the one project that allows us to compound everything we’ve learned, channeling our passion to create our own game, Project Xandata.

Building on Experience Part 1
Expanding our Capabilities at Secret 6


To paraphrase an old school affirmation: “Every day, in every way, things are getting better and better.” Over the past fifteen years, our portfolio has steadily grown, and so have the kinds of projects we have undertaken. To be able to take on new challenges successfully, we have constantly upgraded our skills and capabilities, leading to who we are today.

Secret 6 Building on Experience - Portfolio and Competencies
Aphondo, A Secret 6 Company

Aphondo: Secret 6’s Commitment to Quality


Aphondo was established in 2017 as the Game Quality Assurance services subsidiary of The Studio of Secret6, Inc.

Derived from the Spanish term “a fondo” which means thoroughly, it reflects our commitment to quality work and rigorous testing. It represents Secret 6’s commitment to quality, providing Game Quality Assurance (Game QA) and Art Quality Assurance (Art QA) to our clients.

Evolving through Tough Times at Secret 6


Fifteen years of being in the industry has taught us that at the end of the day, valuing the welfare of your employees and taking care of your relationships with your clients and partners are paramount to sustained success and growth. Throughout all these changes, we found the willingness to try new things so that the quality of our work did not degrade. Doing things differently provided opportunities to improve our processes to better fit the challenges we face today.

Secret 6 Business Continuity 2020
Secret 6 turns 15

Talent, Dreams, and Passion: The 15 Year Evolution
of Secret 6


Whoa. It’s been a decade and a half since we’ve started this journey, yet for a lot of us, Secret 6 still feels like a young company ready to grow and learn more.

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