Secret6’s Team Building Adventure!

Secret6’s Team Building Adventure!

Getting wet and wild with Secret6!

It was an awesome adventure as Secret6 held their Company Outing and Team Building event for 2017!


The Secret6 family bonded over at the picturesque Caliraya Lake Mountain Resort and successfully promoted the company’s culture and core values through fun-filled activities.

TEAMWORK was ablaze as teams strategized and flexed their muscles; much like how they create awesome games at the studio.

By breaking a sweat with the bike run:



Getting wet and wild with the kayak race:

Hold on! We’re not ready!

Man overboard!!!



Gliding down the mudslide:

Extreme Pass the Message by ziplining, going through the hanging bridge, then solving a math problem! Brains and bravery were put into play to win the game.



The teams rallied and showed strong ENTREPRENEURSHIP as they raced through the obstacle race in the spirit of camaraderie (and for the cash prizes, hehe!).


As a side quest, teams got creative and recreated famous artworks!

The Last Supper

The Creation of Man


The employees passionately committed themselves in showcasing their talents in front of everyone (despite stage fright) – singing and delivering smooth pick-up lines.

‘Ok lang sakin kahit taken ka, kasi tanggalin mo lang ang ‘T’ sa taken, ‘aken’ ka na.’

‘I would remove the letter U from the alphabet, so that I can have U all for myself.?


Capping it all off, Secret6 enjoyed the cool night air roasting marshmallows and swapping stories around the bonfire. True to being FUN-LOVING, everyone bonded the night away. All enjoyed each other?s company and found new buddies from the other departments, a perfect culmination to top off ‘The Move’.

Secret6 will go on even more epic adventures and continue to uphold the core values that S6 advocates as the family grows.

Until next year!

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