The Bigger, Better Beta

The Bigger, Better Beta

Project Xandata is back, with new and improved features.

It’s been a year since we debuted Project Xandata, a skill-based, competitive first-person shooter where players engage in their chosen play style with an expansive customization system. Since then, it has evolved and to include a wide range of improvements, like new classes, skills, weapons, maps, game modes and various gameplay refinements.

But what, exactly, is new this time around?



So far, you’ve had plenty of experience with our versatile Marksman class and played with stealth and illusion using our Agent class. This time, we’re unveiling our brand-new Juggernaut class! Packing the heaviest ordnance among the available classes so far, the Juggernaut favors explosion over precision, opening up an entire new way to play Project Xandata. The Marksman and Agent classes have also been updated to feature female class variants for the very first time, with the Juggernaut getting its counterpart very soon!

We’ve also been hard at work at creating new game modes and ways to enjoy Project Xandata’s classes, skills and other customization options, and ESGS will serve as the debut for two all-new combat situations, Annihilation and Corruption, during our official tournament.


Corruption puts a twist on the team deathmatch formula by focusing the scoring system on the collection of shards. Defeating your opponents is one way to find shards, but only if you can collect them before the rest of your opponents can get you back! Obelisks will also appear throughout the round to shower the teams with shards, but both sides will need to be smart about how to secure them.

Annihilation, on the other hand, is the no-frills, knock-out competitive mode of Project Xandata. Strike teams will need to tough it out in a race to be the last team standing; a limited number of revives, however, introduces an entire layer of strategy. Will your team work to keep each other alive, or will the emergence of apparent carries save the day?

We’ve also added a new map to complement the new modes, and more weapon options are available to support the ever-growing list of possible play styles. Our original Kampilan map also received a makeover into the new and improved Aruum Station. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity; we can’t wait to see how you make use of the options!



We will also be releasing more information on how to get into Project Xandata’s Closed Beta Test, so make sure to follow us on our social media channels and visit the booth at ESGS to learn more!


This year’s Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit will be held on October 27-29 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. For ticket prices and other updates, follow the official ESGS Facebook Page. For Project Xandata updates, follow us on the official Project Xandata Facebook Page as well as the Secret6 Facebook Page.

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