In 2018, Secret 6’s group of Quality Assurance experts evolved into its own separate entity, now known as Aphondo
At Aphondo, we continue to support our gamedev and art teams through our commitment to delivering great games and extensive knowledge of game production.

We practice an explorative approach to game improvement, providing  our clients with insights and solutions that make games feel truly immersive, intuitive, and enjoyable to play.
S6 What We Do QA Testimonials, Statement

For five years, Secret 6 has been instrumental to the success of our project and mission of helping children. They are invested, driven, and thorough contributors, instrumental in ensuring the overall quality and stability of our project. It is our pleasure to work with them.

William Dramstad, Quality Assurance Tester

Secret 6 has been really on the ball when testing my pilots. There are a million ways for a story to break, and they’ve been really really thorough. In most cases, they’re also telling me how to fix my mistakes. :) Thank you for having such a solid process, and thanks to Secret 6 for such good testing!

James Laird, Story Project Manager
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