Al estilo de Madrid: The Story of Secret 6’s Madrid Studio
Getting to Know Madrid

The growth of Secret 6 as a game development company doesn’t just extend to different aspects of the field. It also extends geographically beyond its original studio in Manila.

Established in November of 2018, Secret 6 Madrid SL is a premier game studio initially focused on 3D art for AAA titles. Today, they have expanded in number and in art services, and have become an essential in supporting our international clients and growing projects.

Off to a Good Start, Thanks to Voxel School

Within its first year of operations, Secret 6 Madrid has already taken on high profile projects such as Red Thread Games’ mystery-adventure, Draugen, and Sony’s classic remake of MediEvil for the PS4. This has been sustained through a solid foundation of talent, robust growth, and a passionate team of local game artists looking to leave a dent in the game development scene in Spain.

Behind the success of the Madrid Studio is Secret 6’s unwavering support for the academe. Our partnership with Voxel School in Madrid in 2017 was key. The school is a PlayStation Talents partner, part of a global initiative by Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain. Sony aims to bring together all the company’s initiatives from the past decade to develop talent and local content for worldwide distribution. Voxel School, being an advanced institution focusing on digital arts for video games, gave access to the pool of talent that would become the core of our new studio.

This was the first ever international partnership for Secret 6, and it involved setting up a game art lab on campus. This facility provided graduates with on-site production training and allowed Voxel School faculty to experience, learn and teach current game development production methodologies. To this day, Secret 6 Madrid continues this partnership with Voxel School, providing educational and career opportunities to its students and graduates.

The Local Profile

Currently, the team consists of 28 people comprised of 2D artists, 3D artists, Producers, Tech Artists and Art Leads. But it was not always so.

Carlos Lorca, a pioneer 3D artist for the studio, remembers: “S6 Madrid started out as just 8 people, 3 years ago, in a small room within the school where we finished our Masters Degree. I belonged to that small group. We had just finished as scholarship holders of Secret 6 Madrid. The studio had just started and had not yet even been considered as a headquarters for the company.”

Despite the current conditions of the pandemic, work has continued in this fast-paced industry, made possible through the efforts of the company to set up comfortable and efficient work-from-home arrangements.

The Madrid Horizon

As for its current direction, Studio Head Joaquin Otazu remarks: “Secret 6 Madrid has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent months. We are hoping that this is just the beginning of a long future of growth, since the team is facing it with a lot of vision, desire, and hard work.”

The team is currently looking forward to improved production capabilities, as the team welcomes new talent and upskills its current roster. The Secret 6 Madrid team is always growing, and is always on the lookout for new talent.

At its heart, Madrid Studio is a group of highly trained and passionate artists who can adapt to different clients and projects. As they continue to improve their processes and refine their craft, they get better at bringing to life different art styles to match each project’s vision.

The success of Secret 6’s Madrid Studio is testament to its team, the inclusive culture of the company, and the nature of the videogame industry. After all, playing games is a cultural phenomenon that crosses borders. As we continue our now 15-year long journey, we acknowledge our growth and the addition of like-minded talents into the Secret 6 fold.

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