Working on The Last of Us Part II: A Six-Year Journey of Learning and Growth
The Last of Us Part II|S6 3D team photo with Erick Pangilinan, Naughty Dog Art Director|Environment in The Last of Us Part II|Graphic Design for The Last of Us Part II|Graphic Design for The Last of Us Part II|S6 3D team with Erick Pangilinan, Art Director of Naughty Dog|
S6 3D team photo with Erick Pangilinan, Naughty Dog Art Director

Seven years separate the hit game The Last of Us from the long-awaited sequel, The Last of Us Part II. For nearly six of those seven years, Secret 6 has worked closely with Naughty Dog’s Art Director, Erick Pangilinan, to help bring this new and exciting AAA title to the Playstation 4. It’s been a long road bringing this wonderful title to life, with our team going through a lot of growth and emotions along the way. But ultimately, we’re proud of the journey and how far we’ve come as a team.

Building Assets, Growing Ourselves

Environment in The Last of Us Part II

Our teams were tasked with producing the vehicle and building assets in the game. Creating different vehicle concepts to support 3D production was a first for our production team, a challenge we eagerly took on. Constructing the building assets was a ground-up, team learning experience that greatly expanded our knowledge in building complex environments. In total, Secret 6 worked on 129 buildings within The Last of Us Part II, aside from all the other in-game assets.

Graphic Design for The Last of Us Part II
Graphic Design for The Last of Us Part II

Beyond the 3D assets, we also got to work on a copious amount of graphical details to make the post-pandemic world of The Last of Us Part II come alive. This meant producing a wide variety of graphic design elements across various in-game locations, with some needing to be depicted in different states of damage and disrepair. This involved creating over 1,100 images, plus unique product brands—including names of restaurants, coffee shops, gaming arcades, and other commercial enterprises—to enhance player immersion in the fictional yet realistic story setting.In order to support that endeavor, we set up a whole new team in our 3D Console division, hiring new concept artists and graphic designers, in order to deliver on a diverse range of branding and art elements needed to create an immersive and captivating game experience. This project made our Secret 6 team grow not just in size, but in knowledge and capability as well.

A Long-Standing Relationship

S6 3D team with Erick Pangilinan, Art Director of Naughty Dog

We are humbled by and greatly appreciative of our long history with Naughty Dog. The six years of development that we invested in this sequel are just a part of our long-standing relationship and collaboration.Aside from working on the original The Last of Us game, we have also worked with them on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, creating over 100 in-game assets, including hero assets and two of the game’s key cinematics. We are proud to be their partner in delivering high quality, technically advanced titles featuring cutting-edge graphics to gamers everywhere. We also hope to continue and grow with them, learning new techniques and expanding our capabilities to better support their creative ventures.

The Story Continues… And So Does Ours

Follow the post-apocalyptic story of a disease-ravaged America by grabbing a copy of The Last of Us Part II at your local game store, or wherever you source your games. You can learn more about the latest Naughty Dog releases, as well as special edition items related to their games, by following them on Twitter. Follow us, too on Facebook and Twitter, as well as our news page, for updates on our latest projects and partnering endeavors.

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