Secret 6 Celebrates 15 Fruitful Years in Games
Secret 6 Celebrates 15 Years

For the past fifteen years, Secret 6 has evolved into a recognized name in game art outsourcing and video game design and development. Expanding with our Madrid Studio and our Quality Assurance Services subsidiary, Aphondo, we’ve grown both with and into our field, adapting to project needs and industry trends.

At this point, we would like to recognize the people, attitudes, and culture that held us together and made it all work out. We look to the past with reflection and gratitude, as we face a future full of new discoveries, more learning, and stronger relationships.

The Bigger the Vision, the Bigger the Team

Being up to something big requires the genius and effort of not only one person, but a team. And our clients are always up to something big.

Over the years, Secret 6 has learned to adapt and grow, not just in terms of skills, but also in coordinating our efforts across multiple teams. Talent development came hand in hand with team development, all while closely collaborating with our clients to deliver on the project’s vision and requirements.

With a mission to create high quality and truly engaging game content, we help our clients work on their games and big titles, and also create our own. Like our clients, we too want to create an impact in the industry. We harness our skills across different teams, all with varied backgrounds and disciplines. To this end, we do our part in contributing to and promoting the game development industry in the Philippines and

Now over 200 strong, Secret 6 has expanded its services beyond 3D art outsourcing, where we started. We have grown to include work-for-hire for game design and development, 2D art and animation, motion graphics, plus quality assurance and game testing through our Quality Assurance Services subsidiary, Aphondo.

Adaptation is Key

Surviving and thriving in this constantly evolving industry requires a constant, collective effort to adjust to change. For Secret 6, this was put to the test when we had to find new ways of working due to the pandemic.

Adapting through careful planning, sound risk-taking, and learning new ways of working is most evident in how Secret 6 has handled the transition to working in the New Normal.

Our President and Founder, Ron Schaffner, shares: “There have been, of course, many great accomplishments over the past few years. But if I had to pick one, it would be the response from everyone in transitioning to work from home due to the pandemic-induced lockdowns in Spain and the Philippines.”

“We had never worked fully from home. The nature of our work, due to information security, online connectivity, devices, and equipment, makes it challenging to do so. We had no prior experience doing it on this scale. Yet, when the time came to mobilize, to move out, we barely lost a day's work,” he says. “I am incredibly proud of the effort that was taken by everyone to make this happen.”

The core upon which Secret 6 grows and adapts is the unyielding care for our own employees. The culture we’ve built together ensures that every member of our team feels that they can develop themselves and contribute to their teams to their fullest. Working and learning together, we play all out when it comes to finding the best solutions for our clients and our projects.

Building for the Future

Our Manila (Philippines) and Madrid (Spain) teams continue to grow with the industry, bolstering that growth with talents and skills that are available for game developers and publishers worldwide. We have also created Aphondo to provide to valuable game testing and Art QA services.

Our work lets major game developers additional production support to passionate and experienced team players that care for our partners and are invested in the success of their products. This has allowed us to expand our team and offer a career in games for developers in both the Philippines and Madrid. Those eager to be part of game development and our team can regularly check on our site’s Career page for openings.

We’re honored to have worked with our partners and clients over the past fifteen years, delivering quality work and building lasting relationships. We’ve also been investing in partnerships with the academe, in order to support growing the industry’s talent in both the Philippines and Madrid.

We eagerly look forward to more projects to work on, more learning to hone, and more people to meet.

After fifteen years, our cover’s completely blown, and our passion for game development is no longer a secret.

Be seeing you around.

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